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ASTEC provides training classes on the set-up and use of Cornerstone software.  Two day class sessions are held in Dunnellon, Florida, while classes at customer sites are conducted on a per-day basis.  Class schedules are not predetermined, but are arranged to meet the customer's needs and availability.

While insuring that the fundamentals are comprehensively covered, ASTEC confers with the Cornerstone customer to adapt the content and order of the presentation to best deliver the information to the students.  Although no separation of students is required, ASTEC frequently deals with the needs of two sets of users.   One set is comprised of supervisors and system administrators who must learn all aspects of the software.  For these Cornerstone users, system level procedures and assignment choices are considered within the overall context of managing their instruments.

The second set of users are the instrument technicians and operational staffs, who can usually concentrate on the features they will use every day.  The program of instruction for technicians focuses on practical skills and hands-on usage exercises.  The standard material is often structured around real examples from the customer's application.

Some Cornerstone users prefer to focus the training on key individuals who are then responsible for passing on the information within their company.  This approach lends itself well to the early consideration of procedural issues and database standardization topics.  The decisions made based upon the key personnel training may then be incorporated into the training of the technicians.  Within reasonable guidelines, ASTEC offers to work with every Cornerstone customer to achieve an effective training program to meet their requirements, including the possible scheduling of follow-on sessions to reinforce proper usage and to instruct new employees.

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