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ASTEC provides comprehensive support for Cornerstone Software products.   The main elements of the Standard Support Program are an initial period of warranty coverage for 90 days, usage assistance, problem resolution, and ongoing feature enhancement through the release of updated versions.

Standard Support

The "standard" level of Cornerstone Software support for an installed system gives you:

bullet"Help Desk" usage assistance
bulletMaintenance of a user inquiry log
bulletTelephone / fax / email communications for documented resolution of technical support inquiries where needed
bulletProblem reporting and tracking
bulletDistribution of program fixes that are made available in the interim between normal update releases
bulletExpedited corrections (patches) or "work-arounds" for critical errors that prevent program usage [none of these have ever been required]
bulletMaintenance of an enhancement request database
bulletInsight into upcoming releases
bulletNotification of the release of updated versions as they become available

Normal office hours for direct usage and technical assistance contact are 0900-1700, Eastern Standard Time (or Daylight Savings Time, when appropriate), Monday through Friday, except for U.S. holidays.


Ideas and comments from the users of Cornerstone software products are logged into the enhancement data base.  The planning activity for upcoming releases regularly reviews and assesses these suggestions for possible incorporation.  This assessment is an important part of ASTEC's commitment to deliver ongoing dividends to our users through their guidance in the design of new features and the enhancement of existing functions.  Each Cornerstone Software user who keeps his software current by updating to each new version as it is released benefits from the suggestions advanced by all Cornerstone Software users.


ASTEC currently follows a fee based update scheme.  As new releases of Cornerstone Software components become available, all registered users are notified.  The notifications describe the new and improved features, and itemize the update fee.  By precedent, the update fee has covered all of the Cornerstone models in a system for a single price, regardless of which optional modules are installed with the core software model.

While the single system fee normally does not differentiate between parallel Cornerstone components (that is, one multiplexer interface library is equivalent to another), the fee schedule may reflect different system profiles based on common groupings of Cornerstone components.  For example, the fee may be lower for a core product like Cal Station when used with no optional libraries, as compared to another system profile in which Cal Station is used with several calibrator interfaces.

Users who elect to add a Cornerstone Software component to their system purchase the added Cornerstone model along with any update needed for the rest of their software components.  Under the current fee based method, that added component would then be covered under the comprehensive fee schedule at the time of the next update.


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