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Cornerstone databases contain sets of records with many internal pointers and indexes to associate and relate the diverse data and information managed by Cornerstone software.  Cornerstone software products are engineered to attain high levels of data integrity in maintaining these connections and linkages between data records.

All transactions that update the database are performed so as to protect Cornerstone users from the potential for corruption of the data files.   However, occasionally circumstances are encountered (typically due to the interruption of the normal read/write sequences) which can lead to errors in the stored pointers.   Examples of interruptions which may result in such errors are (a) loss of power/system failure during writes to the database, (b) unsuccessfully completed installations/ updates, and (c) attempts to restore and use incompatible program and data elements.

Our experience has been that these events happen very rarely.   Many users will never encounter this situation.  However, to help our Cornerstone customers address this problem if it does occur, ASTEC makes available a service to repair the corrupted database, where such repair is possible.  ASTEC uses development tools and utilities to identify and correct (reconnect) broken internal linkages.  In ASTEC’s experience, the great majority of all such databases can be repaired within the scope of a day.

ASTEC is committed to supporting your use of our Cornerstone products.  We offer this service to respond to our customers in need of special assistance.  If you think you need this repair, please contact us for a quotation.


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