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bulletManagement of Smart and Conventional Process Instruments
bulletConfiguration, Calibration, Status and Diagnostics
bulletDirect Connection to Smart Instruments Via HART Modem or HART Multiplexers
bulletAccess to all Smart Instrument Features
bulletCalibration and Maintenance Histories
bulletUser Defined Test and Calibration Practices
bulletCalibration Schedules
bulletInstrument Database and Reports
bulletOptional Interfaces to Smart Calibrators
bulletSupports ISO 900 and OSHA 1910 Standards
bulletMicrosoft Windows Compatible

Key Benefits

bulletWork with all HART devices
bulletEffectively manage both HART and conventional devices
bulletCoordinate shop and field tasks
bulletSet up networked access by multiple stations to shared database files
bulletMake remote connections over HART multiplexer networks
bulletSchedule, track and record process calibrations

Interface to the latest process calibrators

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Cornerstone Base Station manages the commissioning, calibration and maintenance of industrial instruments.  Base Station supports HART and conventional instrumentation.  Create your HART database simply by connecting anywhere on the instrument loop.  Base Station maintains a comprehensive instrument data base, with individual histories of the configuration, test, calibration and maintenance activities performed on each instrument.

Benefit from savings in the collection, recall and reporting of maintenance information.  Increase the accuracy and standardization of calibration practices.   Gain easy digital access to the improved features of HART instruments.   Customize tag, plant, and service data.  Use Base Station’s itemized record keeping to support compliance with audit requirements.  All of this at your fingertips in an easy to use graphical interface in Microsoft Windows.

Base Station stays current with the standard HART tables distributed by the HART Communication Foundation.  Using these tables and the HART universal and common practice command sets, Base Station can communicate with any HART compliant device, even those not yet registered in the tables.  Access to device specific parameters and functions is accomplished through a Cornerstone Model Support Library customized to the individual device.

Use Base Station to create a central HART maintenance station with remote access to field devices over networks of HART compatible multiplexers.  Periodically scanned HART process data and device status retrieved over these network connections are then accessible by other applications via Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). 

The Base Station user interface is organized into separate windows corresponding to the major application functions.  You enter the Main window through the password protected sign-on dialog box.  The Main window provides menu access to setup functions and contains the Cornerstone Event Log in its display area.  Located in the lower portion of the Main window are the icons of the other Cornerstone windows:  Instrument Directory, Database, HART Comm, Conventional, History, Reports, Docking, Comm Manager and Diagrams.


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